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Some important reminders:

Please make sure to check your child's diaper and wipe supply when you drop them off in the morning.


Please have at least one (preferably two) changes of clothes for your child at all times.


Please make sure that we have the correct emergency contact information on file for your child.


Please label all of your child's items.


Please do not bring outside food or toys into the daycare unless you have made a previous arrangement with your child's teacher.



If your child has a fever they must remain fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT MEDICATION before they can return to the center.



If your child is absent for 3 days or more you MUST bring a doctor's note stating that they may return to the center.



Please do not bring strollers into the daycare as this is a fire hazard.  We appreciate your attention to this matter. 



About our Payment Schedule


Payment for services is due on the first of the month.  If the first falls on a weekend or holiday payment will be due on the following business day. Payment must be made promptly or your child's care may be interrupted until payment is made.


Making a decision on who is going to care for your child when you are at work is a big one.  Is Hoboken Day Care 100 the right choice for you and your child? Here are the top 10 benefits of childcare for you and your family.
1.    STRUCTURE AND ROUTINE-Kids thrive on structure and routine.  Quality childcare centers maintain a healthy balance of structured time and unstructured time to play, think and just be a kid.  
2.    STABILITY AND RELIABILITY-If a nanny or babysitter gets sick you may have to scramble to make alternate arrangements for your child.  Daycare centers maintain regular hours and always have appropriate staffing levels.  
3.    DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE CURRICULUM- The curriculum is based on your child’s age and their developmental readiness.  At daycare your child will be getting exactly what they need for social, emotional, physical and language development.  
4.    NO BOREDOM!- Kids are rarely bored in the daycare setting because there is always something to do and there is always a friend to play with.
5.    SOCIALIZATION-Learning how to navigate peer relationships isn’t always easy but in daycare children will learn self-control, sharing and how to get along with and relate to others.
6.    FUN!-Painting! Toys! Water play! Riding bikes! Toys! Walks to the park! Coloring! Did I mention toys?!? Keeping your child busy and making sure they are safe and having fun are our primary goals.  
7.    LESS SEPARATION ANXIETY WHEN STARTING “BIG SCHOOL”-Usually there is little to no separation anxiety when children who have been in daycare enter “Big School”.  Your child will be used to being away from you during the school day.  They will have learned how to make friends. They will know what is expected of them in a classroom setting.
8.    ROUTINES-Children who have been in daycare are already accustomed to classroom routines and transitioning and how to interact with their peers.  
9.    ACADEMIC READINESS-Kids are introduced to letters and numbers in daycare every single day.  They learn the basics of math, science, social studies and phonics. They will also have learned how to communicate with others and work on their physical development. 
10.    PEACE OF MIND-We are a relatively small daycare center and truly try and maintain a family feel with our student’s families.  You know when you leave your child with us that they will be well taken care of and in good hands.  Many of us live in your communities and are invested in preparing your child to be the best that they can be.  

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