Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a year of happiness, health and laughter!

Thank you for your generous gifts to the staff and myself for the holidays!

We truly appreciate it!!


HDC100 will no longer be issuing invoices/receipts for tuition payments. The center is using a great deal of paper providing these items every month. Tuition payments are due the first of each month and the amount is the same month to month (unless you add/take off aftercare) so you should not need a reminder of what your fee is.  If you pay by check your check will be your receipt. If you pay cash we will issue you a paper receipt. If you need a receipt with our Tax ID number for work for reimbursement please let Miss Suzanne know if you need it monthly/quarterly and we will print it out for you. End of year statements will be sent out shortly.  


Please see the attached information regarding food allergies and the food menu program.  If your child has an allergy the center must be notified in writing from your child’s doctor.  This paperwork should include not only restrictions to the child’s diet but what measures should be taken if an allergic reaction occurs.  As far as the food program, many parents are sending in complete meals for their children. We are a subsidized center so that is not allowed according to our guidelines.  You may only substitute one component of the meal. Any additional foods that are sent in beyond that one substitution will be sent home. Menus are posted online each week at hobokendaycare100.com.


Some tips for a successful drop-off in the mornings:

Because mornings are so hectic, spending a long time speaking with the classroom teachers is not really an option.  When you come in, please take your child’s coat off, change their boots, give the teachers any reminders for the day, let them know if you have any concerns for the day (child woke up cranky, child is coughing, child did not sleep well) and leave your child in the capable hands of the teachers.  Lingering can sometimes lead to leg-clinging and your child not wanting you to leave. Also, if your child’s teacher is devoting their time directly to you for an extended period of time they cannot have their eyes on the other children in their care.  


Having a good-bye routine can make it easier.  It can be as easy as a hug and high-five, but something that you consistently do every day. This is your child’s cue that you are leaving and they are beginning their school day. 


You can always call and check on your child or message me on the Remind App to make sure they are OK. Usually the children who are crying when mom or dad leave are perfectly fine a few minutes later.


The Department of Licensing has asked childcare centers to share with you the website for government recalls on products.  Please visit www.cpsc.gov to find the most current product recalls.



Snow and Snowmen

Polar Bears and Penguins

Outer Space

Martin Luther King





January 4th-Adam’s Birthday

January 17th-Mac’s Birthday

January 17th-Wear Your Favorite Hat Day

January 19th-Aiden’s Birthday

January 20th-SCHOOL CLOSED Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 24th-Pajama Day


If your child will be late or absent please either call the center or message me on the Remind App.


Please remember to sign your child in/out each day by the office.


The preschool class will be starting Show and Tell next Friday.  Students can bring in ONE toy relating to the theme the teachers choose (teachers will note themes on your child’s daily sheet). Students will describe and talk about their toy at Circle Time and then be permitted to play and share that toy later in the day. 

Call Us: 201-792-4666/email inquiries headteacherhdc@optonline.net/124 Grand Street Hoboken, NJ 07030

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